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A close friend of mine offered me his tag which I outlined with silver marker then created two separate panels to compliment the tag. His strict adherence to anonymity prevents he from directly thanking him but I truly appreciate his urban calligraphy. This piece is not for sale.

“Colab” Tryptic 28″ x 28″ each Mixed paints on wood panel

Fissure was created during a one-day music festival called “Hit the Decks” which too place at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids. It represents the sublimation process that occurs on glaciers. I was one of the few artists asked to preform live art and painted this piece. The work is now owned by a private collector.

Fissure 48" x 48" Mixed paints on wood panel

I created a series based on naturally occurring movements and sounds. The individual pieces are 42″ x 30″ and are enamel pased paints on wood panel. It was sold to a private collector in 2008

Song & Rhythem Series


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